Party Clowns in Houston

Meet my Houston clown friends! Aren't they terrific?
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Rowdy The Clown - Clowns In HoustonRowdy The Clown Saying Hi - Clowns HoustonRowdy the Clown Rowdy is ready to help you find the best clown for your party or event, So give her a call at 281-360-7140 before your favorite performer is booked up.


This pretty, talented, youthful clown is perfect for corporate events and birthday parties from anywhere in Houston from Tomball to Galveston. Artistic face painting, original twisting, and energetic party games are available in her party package. Watermelon is based in Kingwood and is a U of H Fine Arts student. She has been a professional clown since age 13, working as Rowdys sidekick at corporate events and many parties. She is a 2010 Sugar Plum the Clown Clowns of America International award winning parade competitor, a professional decorator, a lively and kind clown, as well as a lot of fun!! Dancing, painting, and laughing are her favorite pastimes. Watermelon knows how to work hard, keep the lines moving , and all the while make lots of little friends. Book today because she is always asked back.

Jingles the ClownJingles the Clown - loves little kids! Her magic shows, colorful balloons, funny puppets, really great face painting, and charming clown character are why the kids love her, too. Available for all types of events including birthday parties, corporate events and Gospel shows. Jingles is very experienced with children of many languages. See why all of Houston is talking about Jingles the Clown!

Bob-O the Clown is a very talented face painter and magician. Fun to be around and always a cheerful guy, you'll enjoy this happy-go-lucky clown. Birthday parties and all festivities, Bobo is in demand.


Muffie the ClownMuffie the Clown has been performing in Houston for thirteen years. Her fresh approach to clowning and topical humor makes her a favorite with older kids. Her patience and relaxed approach make her a big hit with the younger kids. Her live pet "Sugar Bunny" makes a magical appearance during her show as well as many other amazing surprises. She keeps the art of clowning growing, and Houstonites everywhere laughing their pants off! Muffie's Face painting is also a hit! Click here to sse some of her work.


Jewels the Clown - She has silly chicken skits, backfiring magic, and goofy antics galore! What more do you want in a clown? Amazing face painting you say? Well you got it! Jewels is Houston's top face painters. Gems is seen regularly twistin balloons and face painting at Moody Gardens Hotel and Convention , CiCi's Pizza in Baytown, and other regular corporate gigs. Birthday party favorites - Jewels the Clown.


Marshmellow The Clown

Face Painting!
I have been artistic my whole life and I am a great face painter! I've painted faces of all ages from 6 months to 65 years old! I am also available as a non-clown face painter.

I also play games at parties! The games I offer are Marshmellow Says, Clown Twister, which is much more silly than normal Twister, Ring Toss, Duck Duck Goose for the younger kids, and Clown Frisbee: how crazy can you throw the frisbee?

Happy Heart the ClownHappy Heart the Clown specializes in amazing multiple balloon sculpture. She has a room full of plaques and trophies from state and national competitions! She is currently judging and teaching sculpture to her admiring peers all over nation. Book in advance! Corporate events and Gospel clowning are her primary venues, but if you're lucky enough to live near Kingwood, you may book her for birthday parties, too. Her magic shows are awesome! And her face painting style is sparkling and unique.

Ruffles the CLownRuffles-Awarded "BEST ALL AROUND CLOWN 2002" at the Texas Clown Assoc. Convention. She's one of the funniest clowns on two big feet! Able to tap dance while twisting a balloon worm. Award Winning Ruffles brings a comical, magical style no one can match, lots of prizes, a live rabbit, balloon sculpture and face painting. Loved by kids and adults the world over....Ruffles!

Jewels the ClownDaisy the Clown - is a world class clown who trains clown groups across the nation. She is a great performer,especially terrific with her side-kick husband, Mr. B. As performers and MC's they are top notch. Their theme school shows are entertaining and funny, first quality. "Daisy" is a retired middle school teacher with countless hours of experience with children and education." Mr. B." is a fireman. "Daisy the Clown" is a hit at every party and Daisy's new school show is booking fast at an Elementary School near you!


Katy Mae the CLown Katy Mae - When I first saw Katy Mae and her clown partner Sugar Cookie's comedy magic show I was hooked! I knew I'd want to see their act again and again. Great improv and terrific comedy timing had me falling out of my chair! All this and magic, too Katy Mae and her husband Digger the clown have trained numerous professional clowns in Houston. They give much of their time each year training older kids and teens the art of Gospel Clowning. Katy Mae the clown is available for parties of all sizes. She loves stage shows, face painting and of course twisting balloons!


Scooter Pie the ClownScooter Pie the Clown Using helpers from the audience, Scooter-Pie performs a high energy magic show and magically produces laughs galore as well as a live bunny. Watch as he juggles with balls, clubs, a bowling ball, and a golf ball ,all at one time! Balloons and candy for all, and a b-day gift for the b-day child. Unicycle and the mini bike is optional. Many fans know him is a regular performer at the H&H Guest Ranch, or see him perform regularly at the Aquarium downtown. Available for birthday parties and corporate events.

Confetti the Clown is a fun-loving, birthday party entertainer. She is an outgoing BILENGUAL SPANISH/ENGLISH speaking entertainer. She enjoys balloon twisting and craft-time, games and goofing around. Face painting and playing with kids of all ages. Weekends only.



Sugar Plum the ClownSugar Plum - Sugar Plum has been tickling funny bones for over 16 yrs. She is in demand as a clown trainer throughout the US., and is a contributing author to a book published in 1998 by Piccadilly Books, named The Birthday Party Business. She has won numerous awards with her clowning and has entertained at The White House for their annual Easter Egg Roll. During her comedy show, the audience is led down a funny path into Clown Alley. Excitement explodes as they shout the magic words PINK PLATYPUS, and with the wave of the magic wand, an elephant disappears.


Skeeter the ClownSkeeter the Clown - Awarded BEST ALL AROUND CLOWN 2000 AND 2001 at the Texas Clown Assoc. Conventions. She has set high standards in all of her clowning skills, especially in the zany and wacky division. She is President of the Cheerful Clown Alley #166 of Houston and loved by kids from Conroe to Richmond. She is available for corporate events all over Houston or birthday parties and Gospel shows! A Great personality, a cute clown car ( the Skeeter Mobile )and a terrific performance!



Claude Simms - Incredible Juggling, Stilt Walking, Mime + Mobile DJ - "A juggler is a character in a drama:  a construct of conflict and resolution; of problem and solution."  Claude Sims.




Toodles the Clown - National Champion and clown instructor "Toodles" is a local legend in League City. Gospel shows, face painting, magic walk arounds, skits. She has a room full of trophies in all events.




Penny Pockets - National Award Winning Traditional Hobo

Clown. Character performed as the alter ego of Rowdy the Clown. "Penny Pockets" performs as a singing telegram for laugh out loud "over the hill" B-Days as a lively old lady. She gives advice on how to grow old, get rich and play bingo etc. As a stage performer "Penny Pockets" is also an acclaimed mime and trophy winner.

Lanky is a premier clown and nationally known throughout the clown kingdom. Lanky lectures at large clowning conventions and is greatly admired by his peers for his silent pantomime skills. He is an accomplished Gospel clown, stilt walker, and skit writer. He currently serves on the board for Clowns of America International. His home base is Corpus Christi, Texas, but he will travel for high profile gigs. Call for concert dates in your area.