Singing Telegrams: w/Giant Bouquets

We customize each telegram for your special person.


Our Gorilla is the hottest singing telegram in town. High energy ape antics. Comedy at its finest. This act will shock and amaze!

The gorilla dresses in many costumes such as Grease Monkey, Jazz Gorilla, Golf Pro, Housewife, Cabana Banana, and more upon request.

Boregard the Dancing Chicken
Hillarious chicken dance and antics.



Hilarious Lmfao Impersonation for Telegrams or Parties

Austin Powers

He's looking for his "Mo Jo Baby!"

The King - Either a Funny "Bad Elvis" or a "Good Elvis"

Break their tender heart with our Dancing Teddy Bear

Hey Kids!

Min E. Mouse

Old Man Telegram

Edward Scissorshands - Great walk around for parties and singing telegrams