Princess Parties

Please note that these characters are look-a-like characters and are therefore not licensed or affiliated with any other originating companies.

Call us if you don't see what you're looking for! We probably have it.

Cinderella (look-alike) - Relive a Classic tale with a visit from Cinderella. This beautiful princess tells her rags to riches story with games, magic, and a funny routine on how to cope with stepsister's laundry. Will she find her prince? Will her car turn into a pumpkin? Find out this and much more. Add Prince Charming for a little romance!









Sleeping Beauty (look-alike) - After 100 years, one kiss from the prince and she's all smiles! Sleeping Beauty performs magic tricks and plays fun games without breaking any nails!

Barbie -Has come alive! This Barbie (look-alike) entertains with fashion doll magic and Barbie make-overs for little girls (Cool macho tattoos for boys) Beach games, special prizes, and a treat for the birthday girl are included in this 1 hour show. She's a real doll!

Snow White (look-alike) Get the real scoop from Snow White herself about pesky witches, mirrors that shouldn't talk back, and too many bad apples. Magic and a dwarf relay are all included in this exciting story-telling adventure.