"Brett-man The Magic Man" A silly magician performs interactive comedy magic, juggles with balls, clubs, swords and even "A golf ball, sword and a bowling ball", if applicable, he can juggle fire and a frying pan, an egg and a flaming torch or even ride his unicycle. He uses a live rabbit and he can provide candy and balloons for all of the kids, and a birthday present for the b-day child. He has several different costumes too from stage to silly. Call for requests.


"Brett-man The Magician" An adult- based night time magic show which can incorporate dancing, costume changes, glowing magic with fire and live animals. Juggling with glow in the dark balls and with fire, all choreographed with music, he uses: fog, bubbles and black lights, strobe lights and lasers to compliment his extravagant show.

Carter Blackburn,

Carter Blackburn provides first-class magical entertainment guaranteed to deliver enthusiasm and excitement at your next major event. Dazzling fans with magic & illusions since his boyhood debut in Houston, Texas, Carter continues to bring audiences to their feet night after night with his God-given talent! Under the direction and guidance of his nationally known mentor, Ted Schwank, Carter has become an international star of magic that can perform on any stage in the world. Mesmerizing audiences of all ages, Carter presents a thrill a second production that leaves his audiences in awe and always wanting more. Carter has dedicated his life solely with the purpose of honoring the God that has given him this incredible passion for performing. He is truly a one-of-a-kind entertainer who is taking the nation by storm!



Monster Magic Show

Dracula is diversable magician who can perform magic on the smaller scale for kid parties and house parties. He has great experience with bigger and grander scale magic shows. Dracula and his lovely bride provide a top rate illusion show with Vegas style tricks that are great for kid and corporate level shows.