Please note that these characters are look-a-like characters and are therefore not licensed or affiliated with any other originating companies.

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Sponge Bob -Look-a-Like who has ventured to the surface all the way from Bikini Bottom! Join Sponge Bob and friends as they adventure through Bob's pineapple home and help make the perfect crabby patty!

Jack Sparrow - Jack Sparrow Look-a-Like for events, promotions and children's parties

 LMFAO Look-A-Like

Super Funny. Also available as a Singing Telegram. See our Singing Telegrams Page. Simms - Incredible Juggling, Stilt Walking, Mime + Mobile DJ - "A juggler is a character in a drama:  a construct of conflict and resolution; of problem and solution."  Claude Sims.


A Whirlwind of Jugglery & Costumery for All Occasions Stunts & Artful Antics  &  Sophisticated Foolishness

Audience Involvement & Age Appropriate Comedy

Objects that Spin, Roll & Balance, Lighted Balls, Flaming Torches, & Miscellaneous Items of Danger that Thrill Corporate & Family Audiences

Austin Powers (look-alike) - Great for walk-arounds and singing telegrams. This guy has found his "Mojo" baby and is ready to party! "Yeahhh - Baby". He teaches you some "groovy" dance moves and does a dance with the b-day person! A custom CD is given to the b-day person as remembrance of their special event. "Ohh- Behave!"


Edward Scissorshands - Geat walkaround for parties and singing telegrams

Ace Ventura
Elvis - Great for walk-arounds and singing telegrams. He sings your favorite songs like "Teddy bear" and "Burning love". The b-day person will receive a souvenir scarf or a pair of sun glasses and most of all a memory of a lifetime. "Thank you, thank you very much!"

Amelia Bedelia (look-alike) - Great Show for Libraries, Schools etc. Click on Amelia for larger images. Click Here for Flyer

Captain Feathersword and Dorothy - Look-a-Likes - Are you planning a Captain Feathersword party? Do your kids love Dorothy the Dinosaur? Have our characters at your next party. It's an exciting show with fun and music for younger kids 2-4.

Ninja Turtle look-a-like
Winnie the Pooh's look-a-like - is not your average bear. The world's largest teddy bear takes the kids on an exciting adventure in Hundred Acre Wood. Tigger( the puppet) starts the show as the kids find Pooh. But many places can he hide? a fishing pond, a crazy bee race, and a honey grabbing contest await those who venture into Christopher Robin's world. Tigger and Eyore also available for solo or duo shows.
Elmo look-a-like -Can you tell him how to get to Sesame Street? Elmo dances, sings and plays games with prizes for everyone! Cookie Monster and Big Yellow Bird look-a-likes also available to come and play!
Dora look-a-like - Go on a back pack map adventure. 2 person theme show with games music and prizes.

Barney look-a-like - "I love you, You love me. We're best friends like friends should be!" Invite all of your friends to this musical, magical, theme show starring your child and everyones favorite purple dinosaur.

Amazing Spiderman Look-a Like- Well, the webbed wonder is here! Spidey reveals his most closely guarded secrets as he shows the kids the making of his web formula, demonstrates some amazing spider abilities and shoots some zany photographs for the Daily Bugle.

Robert Duke as Cowboy Bob Trick Roper - Bob is a trick roper, bullwhip artist & fancy gun spinner. Travels the world doing shows with his ropes, whips, guns and his amazing trick horse Pecos. Singer of cowboy trail songs and cowboy poetry. Amazing strolling western entertainment or stage shows. He has been featured on Good Morning America, commercial for ABC and even the Superbowl. Click here for more about Bob!

Boba Fett (look-a-like) - Star Wars fun & games for all ages. He enters the party as a bad bounty hunter then becomes a friendly Jedi. He performs Jedi "magic" tricks, while teaching the kids good morals. Fun games with rewards for all! And everyone will get to examine his realistic Light Saber!

Review (we are just starting to post reviews) - Thank you! He was wonderful! The kids, and parents, thoroughly enjoyed him!! My son was still talking about him this morning. Ashley

Charlie Chaplin "Little Tramp Character" - Great stolling look-a-like done by very talented mime.

Capt. Jack Flash - This is a friendly pirate show with magic, juggling of swords, games and prizes. Balloon swords for all. Very impressive show! Great for all ages.

Ninja Joe - Teaches safe karate, discipline and fun. He performs rope magic and does an exciting escape trick. He juggles swords & fire (if in a safe place). He plays games and gives prizes for all the children. He then teaches them the hilarious Kung Fu Dance.

Billy Idol (look-alike) - For a "Rock’in" B-day or if you just want to hear his "Rebel Yell", this guy is full of energy and attitude. Woowwww! What a great addition for those Rebel Weddings, or for the rocker in the family! In the "Midnight hour", everyone will want "more, more, more" of this character!

Ernie the Engineer - The friendly engineer who performs magic, juggling and unicycling and gives everybody a balloon sculpture. This guy is on track for those Thomas the train lovers.
Star Trek Commander - Perfect for those Trekker fans. He can beam up some space magic and/or balloons. But really this guy is great just as a walking living prop.